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Every 90 seconds a young person contacts Kids Helpline.

With our Funders' support, 
someone is there to listen.

Our Funders

The support of Optus has helped run a number of Kids Helpline initiatives, drive innovation and use technology to reach more kids. We’re proud to have been partnered with Optus for 19 years. Optus supports Digital Thumbprint with Kids Helpline. This is a free, early intervention and prevention program for primary school-aged students in Australia. Kids Helpline counsellors deliver in-classroom support programs via video conferencing technology.  There are eight curriculum-aligned topics that aim to promote digital respect, responsibility, resilience and empathy and online safety.

Optus services over ten million customers each day. It provides a broad range of communications services including mobile, telephone, business network services, internet and satellite services. Optus says ‘Yes’ to supporting and investing in community, with a mission to help vulnerable youth achieve their full potential and enjoy a bright future, through the use of technology and life-enhancing programs and community grants.

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Bupa has partnered with Kids Helpline to expand the in-school education program Kids Helpline @ School. Kids Helpline @ School Wellbeing connects Kids Helpline counsellors with primary school aged children in classrooms using video technology to help children develop tools, resilience and knowledge to set them up for happy, emotionally healthy lives. The program focuses on a number of key topic areas aligned to the Australian Curriculum, including bullying, friendships, managing emotions and transitioning to high school.

Bupa is committed to building outcomes with organisations that share the same values and who are focused on bringing positive change to the lives of people across Australia.

FGX has partnered with Kids Helpline in the KHL Circles project. KHL Circles is a purpose built, counsellor moderated mental health and emotional wellbeing social network that’s safe, free and private for young people. It encourages peer-to-peer support and delivers expert group counselling supported by professional Kids Helpline counsellors 24/7. The partnership between Kids Helpline and the University of Sydney will produce new knowledge on the delivery of e-mental health services.

FGX is Australia’s first philanthropic investment vehicle creating wealth for shareholders and supporting children at risk. Founded by Philanthropist Geoff Wilson of Wilson Asset Management, the company aims to provide shareholders with attractive investment returns and act as a source of funding for Australian charities. They are committed to making a difference with a focus on children at risk. They intend to donate 1% of their assets to charities each year. They are committed to making a difference with a focus on children at risk. They intend to donate 1% of their assets to charities each year.

We are excited to announce a new Corporate Partnership with First National Real Estate (FNRE).

A partnership where we will work together to raise awareness and funds across the country for Kids Helpline.

Foundation chairman, David Lovell said ‘First National Real Estate is proud to help children and young people access the confidential guidance and support they need to cope with problems like mental health, bullying, depression, homelessness any issue they are dealing with. ‘The service aligns perfectly with First National’s “we put you first philosophy”, because it puts the families that live in our members’ communities first.

We have provided each member office with a Kids Helpline promotional kit relating to raising brand awareness and fundraising.

Kids Helpline is funded by the State Government through the Department of Communities.

Kids Helpline is supported by funding from the The Queensland Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

Kids Helpline is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Health under the Teleweb Program.

Wherever you are on your mental health journey, Head to Health (H2H) is here to help you find the information, resources, and services that most suit your needs. Whether you want to improve your overall sense of wellbeing, or you need help with something that is concerning you, or you are helping someone you care about—Head to Health can point you to great online mental health resources.

We have great respect for Megan Mitchell’s dedication to raise awareness about the issues and challenges impacting on young people. We share her passion, dedication and with our ongoing advocacy. This includes the development of evidence based strategies to strengthen young people’s resilience and reduce the impact issues have on their wellbeing.

We work closely with the eSafety Commissioner as the statutory agency of children and young people concerned about cyberbullying and or other online safety concerns. This close relationship is greatly valued and we’re proud to accept direct referrals to our WebChat service via their website.