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KHL Circles

Kids Helpline Circles is a free, safe, & anonymous peer support group for improving overall wellbeing and mental health for young people in Australia aged 13-25 facilitated by Kids Helpline Counsellors.


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When you’re dealing with difficulties, sometimes it helps to engage with peers going through a similar situation.

We know it can sometimes be difficult to ask for help, Kids Helpline Circles is your go-to online peer support group.

Share your thoughts, access helpful info and chat to others who are going through similar challenges. You can even offer support to others, too!

What Is KHL Circles?

KHL Circles is free to young people aged 13-25, no matter where you are in Australia.

    We have devised a specific 4-week program to help support young people with issues they may be experiencing at this time.

    Led by a tertiary qualified Kids Helpline counsellor, these programs are aimed at supporting wellbeing and managing distress and worry which may be exacerbated by current isolation measures.

    The information and guidance provided is evidence-based, so you know you'll be heading in the right direction. Counsellors help you learn more about the issues that concern you by occasionally posting threads, questions and activities as well as images and videos about a topic.

    From there it's up to you what you want to say. You can even create your own threads to share your own thoughts and ideas! Our group facilitators are there to support you, and will always encourage safe, open and inclusive discussions about a range of topics including:

    • Coping with conflict at home
    • Making sense of different emotions and experiences during uncertain times
    • Developing new skills for managing your own mental wellbeing
    • Learning ways to stay resilient

    How do I join a KHL Circles group?

    If you’re experiencing adjustment issues to isolation measures, you’re not alone.

    To connect with other young people dealing with the same issue, you might be interested in joining our next group. KHL Circles programs begin when we have enough members to start a group, so by helping yourself, you help others too!

    If you’re interested in joining KHL Circles you can register your interest in joining the next KHL Circles group by filling out the form below. 

    In that form you’ll choose a username – it needs to be something that doesn’t identify details about you (e.g. your name, school/uni, workplace, social accounts) so that you’ll stay anonymous to the other group members. 

    If you aren’t sure whether Circles is right for you then have a chat with a KHL counsellor about it first. 

    What happens then?

    You’ll be contacted by the KHL Circles team with your login details when a new Circle is open.

    We will add new members into the Circle daily for the first week. New members will not be added into a Circle beyond the end of the 2nd week so you will be able to participate for at least 3 weeks.

    Are you 13-25? Register your interest in joining KHL Circles

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    How would you prefer to be contacted about KHL Circles?

    Submissions with false details will be discarded.

    Kids Helpline Circles is generously supported by funding from Future Generation Global (FGG).