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Hung out with the wrong people

13 year old male

hung out with the wrong peopleWell it wasn't until i started my first year of high school that things changed. I guess i started to hang around with the WRONG people,. They used to do bad things and i wasn't sure if i should do what they were doing (which is the wrong thing) or leave them, and go and tell on them.

I was really desperate to make new friends at a new school, so i did what they were doing, which was smoking. But i was only hanging around with them, and having them keep away from the teachers, because they knew i was the goody-two shoes. But then my ex-best friends told on me for having them, and the teachers took it really seriously.

I was so ashamed when they told me that i was on a 5 day suspension, and to write 500 words a day. My parents were even madder. They grounded me and took away my phone and Facebook. I wasn't allowed out. They basically took away my life. So i took online counselling and they were really nice and they helped me understand what to do in these scenarios - they really changed my LIFE. :). I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.

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