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Everything got way too much

17 year old female

everything got way too muchSo in the past 3 years, my life has gone through dramatic changes - both good and bad. In the past three years I have been in and out of hospital, battling depression, anxiety and other physical issues. Everything became way too much and I turned to self harm, and some suicidal ideation. I started seeing a psychologist about a year ago now, and he has helped me majorly. But in the long run it was Kids Helpline that made me start to seek help.

See, I was going through so much one day, so I decided to look on the website. There I had a web counselling session. The guy was super nice, and understood me, I really appreciated it. I am not fully recovered yet, I still have my relapses. But I am now currently studying to be a psychologist and can see the bigger picture.

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