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Overcoming depression

13 year old female

I had depression after my parents split up, and I was having troubles with a lot of things, and it made most of my friends leave me.

overcoming depressionI had 3 friends left and I was glad they didn't go but then my best friend did. My other 2 friends supported me but I still couldn't overcome my depression and it got so hard.

I wanted to kill myself so badly but I got so scared and I didn't want to end my life, I just wanted to fix it. I told both my parents, but they both said the same thing, I couldn't run away from my problems. So I decided not to give up, and I found Kids Helpline. I talked to a counsellor and over time things seem so much better.

After a while, my old friends noticed a change in me and asked me back into their group but I said no, being strong, and that made me proud of myself. I kept the 2 other friends and made a whole bunch of new ones. Kids Helpline saved my life.

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