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Sent to live with grandma

female, age unknown

I don't know if this will actually help other kids but it might relate to some of them. When I was twelve years of age my mother sent me down to live with my grandmother. I was fine and I was doing pretty well in school.

Sent to live with grandmaAfter two months my mother moved back down and she stayed with us for a while but my brother caused a fight and my whole family turned against her. She left that night but before she did, she dropped me off at a friends house and promised she would come back. I believed her and I was stupid to believe what she said I knew she wasn't coming back for me and so did every one else.

I felt miserable and lonely I thought about hurting myself, but I just told myself ‘Its not worth it. Its not worth it.’ It still hurts me to think about my mother but I get on in life and I'm grateful.....I think every lonely kid is grateful to have Kids Helpline available because we need some one to talk to and I think they do a brilliant job.

thank you Kids Helpline

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