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Thought he was the man of my dreams

21 year old female

thought he was the man of my dreamsWhen I was 14 years old I thought I met the man of my dreams. Only problem was he was a dream. He pretended to be that perfect man that any girl would fall for.

At the time my parents had just split and my dad moved to Cairns. After a few months of dating I invited him around to my house while my mum and step dad were out as I had to tell him that our relationship had to stop as I couldn't stand lying to my parents and siblings anymore. I was angry at them but knew they were right.

When I told him it was over he was really mad and proceeded to hit me and sexually abuse me. I kept it a secret for almost 4 months until I started to show. It was my first time having intercourse and I fell pregnant.

Pretty soon my mum and I were fighting because I wouldn't tell her who the dad was. I couldn't deal with the lies anymore so I wrote my mum a letter telling her what happened. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. She then came to me in my room in tears asking why I hadn't told her. Feeling ashamed, I explained it was because I didn't think anyone would believe me or they would think it was my fault.

My mum took me to the police station to make a report and it turns out I wasn't the only girl that he had beaten and raped, but I was the only one with enough evidence to prove that he did it....

The moral of my story is not to be afraid to tell someone if you are raped, assaulted or anything of that nature. It is never our fault as it isn't wasn't our choice.

I am now 7 years older with a 6 year old daughter and I wouldn't change it for anything, as she is my world and has taught me many things. Because of my experience I have also become a youth worker and plan on becoming a psychologist. If it wasn't for Kids Helpline I may have not got through it or the tough times being a teenage pregnant student and mum. So thank you very much and I hope my story can help at least one person.

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