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I know I will be ok in the end

19 year old female

I know I will be ok in the endI fell pregnant at the age of eighteen. I'm still with the father of my little girl. Our relationship was going great, and I thought I had everything I had ever wanted. And that's where I now realise how wrong I was, only to see myself dealing with the same things that my previous partners had put me through.

He used to treat me with the most respect that I had ever known a man to. It just suddenly changed when I was in the 4th month of my pregnancy. He stopped me from visiting my mother, who is very ill, and has been for a very long time, he stopped me from hanging out with my friends, wearing the clothes I liked, wearing makeup, earrings, etc. Basically anything that could help me feel good about myself.

He calls me fat, lazy, ugly, and many more nasty words, he swears at me everyday, and tells me that he doesn't want anything to do with our daughter when we fight. He has stopped me from contacting anyone unless he approves of my numbers or he knows exactly who it is. We live together with our daughter, and are constantly fighting, even in public. He humiliates me by yelling at me in the middle of groups of people, and swearing at me.

He has told me to leave numerous times, but every time I have started to pack my things, he doesn't let me leave and says that we will try one more time. Our daughter is now six months old, and I really do not want her growing up in such an environment. I never thought I would have the courage to start counselling again, and I spoke to my partner to see what he would think if I started to go to counselling again, and he completely disapproved.

Because I know that counselling will help me gain the strength and courage to protect my daughter, I began calling the Kids Helpline, and I have spoken to the same guy three times in a row. My partner still to this day doesn't know I call them when he's out. But because of the Kids Helpline, I know I will be ok in the end.

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