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Gave me courage

19 year old female

gave me courageAs far back as I can remember my dad has physically abused me. He gets drunk with his mates a lot and then hurts me. One night on my 18th birthday my dad raped me.

After they left I was thinking about suicide. That night I went back to my friends place and refused to go home. About a month later I still hadn't gone home and my friend brought up the topic, and I cried really hard.

She suggested that I call Kids Helpline. They gave me a voice that I never knew I had. They gave me courage that I didn't know was there. After talking to them, I decided it was best to deal with my dad. I walked to the other side of town and confronted him. Since then he has not hit me once or drank any alcohol, even on my birthday which was 3 months ago. Thanks to Kids Helpline I was able to put my life back together:)

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